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Conversion of carbon dioxide into raw materials more effective with gold

Carbon dioxide, emitted mainly by combustion of fossil fuels, is harmful to the climate and the main reason for increased global warming. Diverting carbon dioxide into hydrogen carriers or chemicals such as methanol, a valuable raw material and energy carrier, is thus highly desired. Supported metal nanoparticle heterogeneous catalysts such as copper on zinc oxide is used for the catalytic conversion of carbon dioxide to methanol. Researchers have now discovered that it is possible to avoid by-products and at the same time make the process more sustainable by adding a small amount of gold to the catalyst.


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Conceptual design for three potential new beamlines developed with WISE

After successfully bringing the first 16 funded beamlines into operation, we now look into the future. In collaboration with the Wallenberg Initiative Materials Science for Sustainability (WISE), funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation and together with the scientific community, MAX IV will develop the conceptual designs for three potential new materials science beamlines.

Portrait of middle-aged man with glasses and dark shirt in front of beamline at MAX IV.

ForMAX beamline celebrates 1 year in operations

November 1 marks one year since ForMAX beamline officially opened for user experiments. Congratulations to ForMAX and everyone involved in making ForMAX possible! It has been one exciting first year.