The FlexPES beamline team

Alexei Preobrajenski
Alexei Preobrajenski Scientist Office location: E120057 Responsibilities: Overall beamline management, with focus on the solid-state branch; UHV PES and NEXAFS. E-mail: Phone: +46462223629
Gunnar Öhrwall
Gunnar Öhrwall Scientist Office location: E120031-2 Responsibilities: LDM-branch maintenance and user support; focus on the liquid jet setups E-mail: Phone: +46462224665
Maxim Tchaplyguine
Maxim Tchaplyguine Scientist Office location: E120031-1 Responsibilities: LDM-branch maintenance and user support E-mail: Phone: +46462221491
Alexander Generalov
Alexander Generalov Scientist Office location: D110058-6 Responsibilities: Technical development and support, with focus on the software solutions. E-mail: Phone: +46462226565
Noelle Walsh
Noelle Walsh Scientist Responsibilities: ICE end station manager ; TRISS project manager, Team leader LDM. Coordination of MAX IV LDM activities. E-mail: Phone: +46462226575
Stephan Appelfeller
Stephan Appelfeller Postdoc Responsibilities: Technical support and development at FlexPES and SPECIES beamlines E-mail: Phone: +46462226583
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Eleanor Frampton Postdoc E-mail: