Fast access proposal allow for up to one day (six shifts) of beamtime at either of the two endstations at NanoMAX. These fast access proposals can be used for:

  • Scientific Experiments [SE]
    • Similar to a standard proposal, fast access proposals for [SE] have the intention to answer a scientific question. The proposed experiments can be stand alone or a follow up on a previous beamtime.
  • Sample Feasibility studies [SF]
    • [SF] aim at testing if a sample is even suited for more a more in-depth measurement via a standard proposal. The goal is not to record extensive datasets sufficient for a publication in itself, but rather an initial test to be as an argument in a follow up standard proposal. The concept of the proposed sample feasibility study should follow the idea of “one good sample, one good measurement”.

For details and the fast proposal template check out the general page about fast access proposals at MAX IV.

In any case it is strongly advised to contact the beamline staff prior to a submission to discuss the intended proposal.

Follow this link to read more about all MAX IV Access modes.