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The MAX IV 1.5 GeV storage ring is based on a compact double-bend achromat lattice for the production of bright soft x-ray and UV radiation. The storage ring is a redesigned and improved version of the decommissioned MAX II storage ring. The MAX IV 1.5 GeV storage ring has a circumference of 96 m, comprises 12 achromats (2 more than MAX II) of which 10 provide roughly 3.5 m straight sections for insertion devices (IDs). The compactness of the lattice is achieved by using the same magnet technology as in the 3 GeV storage ring where many smaller magnets are machined from common iron yokes. In addition, most magnets are combined-function type, i.e. the dipoles contain a vertically-focusing gradient and the horizontally-focusing quadrupoles contain a sextupole gradient.

Circumference96 m
No. of long straight sections / no. of available ID straights12 / 10
InjectionFull-energy top-up from MAX IV Linac
Nominal current500 mA
Horizontal emittance6 nm rad
Vertical emittance60 pm rad (can be adjusted based on user demand)
Typical horizontal beam size at ID center185 micron
Typical horizontal beam divergence at ID center32 urad
Typical vertical beam size at ID center~13 micron
Typical vertical beam divergence at ID center~4.6 urad
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