Create a Session

Once your proposal has been accepted and scheduled by the beamline staff you will receive and automatic email from DUO informing you of, amongst other things:

  • Which proposal has has been scheduled (proposal ID)
  • When has it been scheduled
  • Who is your Local contact

This means it’s now time for you to create your Experiment Session, follow this link to go to the Session creation guide.

Apply for access to MAX IV

Once you have created the session, all included participants should apply for access.

Follow this link to go to the Apply for access to MAX IV guide

Take the Safety Test

All users must pass a Safety Test before they are let into the facility. Please do so well in advance and bring a paper copy of your certification with you to the Reception upon your arrival.

Follow this link to go to the Safety Test guide.

Safety Requirement for users

From time to time our Experimental Safety Team will need more information from you to assess potential risks of your planned experiment, prepare yourself by reading through the information page.

Follow this link to go the Safety Requirement for users

Need to book a lab?

A good start is taking a look at the overview on our Support labs page and clicking the lab you are interested in for further information.

If you need a guide on how lab-booking works, look up the User information under “Bio & Chem labs“.

Need an Invitation letter?

If you need an invitation letter for travel purposes the MAX IV Reception will assist you. Please make sure to contact well in advance so that you get your documentation on time.

Follow this link to go the Invitation letter guide

Practical information

Wonder how to get to MAX IV? What to do if the Reception is closed on your planned time of arrival? Or where the nearest convenience store is?

Follow this link to our Practical information page

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