The Electrochemistry AP cell will be moved to the Solid-Liquid Branch in November 2022 where it will be commissioned during spring of 2023. Therefore, the cell will not be available for the Spring-2023 user call. Please contact beamline staff for further questions regarding access to the EC cell.

HIPPIE is a state-of-the-art beamline for Ambient pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (APXPS). The combination of the exceptional performance of the 3 GeV ring with an innovative design of the experimental station results in a beamline that is not just outstanding in a pure electron spectroscopy context but also significantly expands the scientific issues that can be addressed. The overarching objective of the HIPPIE beamline is to address the pressure and materials gaps, that is to relax the vacuum constraints, which traditionally have limited the processes and systems possible to study, and to move from model to real – and thereby often much more complicated – materials systems.

HIPPIE, along with the complimentary branch of SPECIES, make up the MAX IV APXPS group. With differing photon characteristics and sample environments, together these two beamlines allow for a diverse range of APXPS experiments.


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