To login or create a new account in DUO go to:

Already have a DUO account

If you already have an active DUO account, proceed to login by entering your credentials.

Image showing the login page to DUO.

Forgot your password and/or email?

No worries,

  • If you know what email you registered with
    Click the “Reset your DUO Password” link and fill in the email.
  • If you forgot which email the account is registered to or lost access to that email
    Contact MAX IV User Office for further assistance.

Don’t have a DUO account

If you don’t have a DUO account, click the “Create a new DUO Account” button. This will take you to a new page where you are asked to fill in all the necessary information for account creation. If you encounter problems when creating an account please contact MAX IV User Office.

Please note: We kindly ask that you register your DUO account with your institute/affiliation email. And that you pay attention when filling in your phone number, as this will be used for e.g. VPN connection.

image showing the registration form for new accounts in DUO