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The full list of all publications connected to NanoMAX (be it on data taken at NanoMAX or publications about the beamline) can be found on the MAX IV publication site (click) .

publications about the beamline

yearpublicationshort summary
2023Current capabilities of the imaging endstation at the NanoMAX beamline
Preliminary performance tests of the new imaging endstation during its construction.
2022Complete alignment of a KB-mirror system guided by ptychography
Describes the alignment procedure of the KB mirror system used at the diffraction endstation.
2022Design and performance of a dedicated coherent X-ray scanning diffraction instrument at beamline NanoMAX of MAX IV
Detailed description of the hardware design and performance of the diffraction endstation.
2022X-ray in-line holography and holotomography at the NanoMAX beamline
Report on the performance of full field imaging using holo(tomo)graphy at the diffraction endstation.
2021NanoMAX: the hard X-ray nanoprobe beamline at the MAX IV Laboratory
Comprehensive description of the beamline design and hardware parameters from the undulator all the way to the X-ray focus at the diffraction endsation.
2021Contrast – a lightweight Python framework for beamline orchestration and data acquisition
Presents the control software contrast used at NanoMAX to record data.
2020First ptychographic X-ray computed tomography experiment on the NanoMAX beamline
Report on the first ptychographic tomography experiments performed at the diffraction endsation.
2020Ptychographic characterization of a coherent nanofocused X-ray beam
Extensive characterization of the size and coherence properties of the focused X-ray beam at the diffraction endstation across the whole energy range using the coherent imaging technique ptychography.
2019Focus characterization of the NanoMAX Kirkpatrick–Baez mirror system
Initial characeterization of the beam size and coherence properties of the focused X-ray beam at the diffraction endstation using wave guides.
2018Initial Operation of the NanoMAX Beamline at MAX IV
Describes the beamline early performance right up to start of regular user operation.
2017First x-ray nanoimaging experiments at NanoMAX
The very first nano-imaging results taken at NanoMAX.
2013NanoMAX: a hard x-ray nanoprobe beamline at MAX IV
Describes the design of the NanoMAX beamline before it was build.