The Imaging Station is equipped with a robotic sample changer that is swapping the samples between the measurement position and an intermediate storage inside the vacuum chamber. For this reason, it is necessary that all sample holders used in the Imaging station are standardized. Users are required to mount their samples on OMNY pins. The NanoMAX team can provide pointy pins for the use with samples intended for tomographic measurements, as well as flat framed holders for 2D imaging applications. Currently the pins can be offered either made from Aluminium or made from Copper but coated with Gold. The top of the pins can be modified to match the specific needs of individual samples. There are three different shapes/sizes of OMNY pin sample holders for the NanoMAX Imaging Station.

Illustration showing sampleholders for theNanoMAX imaging endstation

Left: sample pins compatible usable at the NanoMAX imaging station.

Sample preparation and mounting is essential for a successful beamtime. Discuss the details early with the beamline staff / your local contact.