Bloch is heavily focused on angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) of conducting crystalline solids, specifically surfaces and 2D or layered materials. This technique provides direct insights into the energy and momentum dependent electronic bandstructure of such materials. Often this in itself is vitally useful information, but with careful measurements a variety of further insights can be obtained including the nature of phase or structural transitions, many-body interactions or modification by dopants or intercalants.

For a deeper introduction into the capabilities and impact of ARPES in modern research, several excellent review articles are available. A recent example is that of Sobota, He and Shen:

ARPES studies at Bloch benefit tremendously from the very small light spot to selectively study single domains or simply reduce disorder broadening in inhomogeneous samples. Studies are also supported on the A-endstation by an online scanning tunneling microscope for obtaining topgraphic information, while the B-endstation has the notable capability of performing spin-resolved ARPES. Both have dedicated sample preparation chambers.

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