A photo of a sterile laboratory for biological purposes


The Biological lab at MAX IV is the central laboratory facility for the support of life-science synchrotron experiments. The lab complements the sample preparation facilities at different beamlines by offering extended instrumentation access and support.

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Available equipment at the biological lab

Anaerobic chamberCoy Vinyl unheated 2 pers
Stereomicroscope #1Leica M125C 8x-100x, in the anaerobic chamber
Stereomicroscope #2Nikon SMZ25 6.3x-157.5x, motorization
HPLC with fractionatorAgilent system (CoSAXS in-line)
Gel systemBioRad gel electrophoresis and documentation
UV-Vis spectrophotometerNanodrop OneC with touch screen and cuvette option
UV-Vis spectrophotometer IMPLEN Nanospectrophotometer N60 with touch screen and vortex
Dynamic light scattering (DLS)Wyatt Nanostar with IR laser 785nm Cuvette-based min sample vol 4µL
Benchtop centrifugeVWR Mega Star, swing bucket with adaptor for 50mL&15mL tubes, Plates
MicrocentrifugeEppendorf 5424R with FastTemp function, 1.5mL /2mL tubes
MinicentrifugeEppendorf MiniSpin Plus, non-refrigerated
Microfluidic flow setup with microscopeElveflow system; Nikon Ci-L microscope with phase contrast
CentrifugeVWR Ministar
ThermoShakerVWR Thermo Shake Lite
Mini IncubatorGilson bench-top incubator -15°C – 60°C
Incubated RotatorBenchmark Roto-Therm™ Plus, 1.5mL-50mL tubes, 5-60°C
UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Agilent Cary 60 double beam with xenon lamp- Cuvette and fiber optics coupler, external cell holder in glovebox
pH meter stationary and portable
Freeze Dryer Labconco, -50°C, 2.5L

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