FlexPES beamline is split into two branches, the Surface & Material Science (SMS) branch and the Low Density Matter (LDM) Branch.

On the SMS branch, there are two focal points. The first focal point is situated within the permanent UHV end station, designated as EA01. This station is utilized for investigating a variety of on-surface processes using photoemission and soft x-ray absorption techniques. The second focal point, positioned 2.5 meters downstream, is located at an open port known as EA02. This port is specifically reserved for user-provided end stations.

The LDM branch also features two focal points accommodating two end stations. The first focal point is in the ICE (Ions in Coincidence with Electrons) station, formally known as EB01. This station is equipped with spectrometers designed for investigating photo-stimulated fragmentation processes in gases and clusters. The ICE station is mobile and can be replaced with another setup on demand. The second station, referred to as EB02, is dedicated to studies involving photoelectron and x-ray absorption spectroscopy on gas particles, clusters, and liquid beams, as well as surfaces and thin films.