FlexPES beamline consists of two experimental stations, the Surface & Material Science (SMS) branch and Low Density Matter (LDM) Branch.

On the SMS branch there are two focal points; the first one is inside the permanent UHV end station (called EA01), which is used for studying various on-surface processes. The second focal point (2.5 m downstream) is on an open port (called EA02), which is reserved for user-provided end stations.

On the LDM branch there are also two focal points hosting two end stations. The first one is the ICE (Ions in Coincidence with Electrons) station (formally EB01), with spectrometers for studying photo-stimulated fragmentation processes in gases, liquids and clusters. The second station (called EB02) is dedicated to photoelectron and x-ray absorption spectroscopy studies on gas particles, cluster and liquid beams, surfaces, and thin films.