Sweden is often considered a country with high standards when it comes to working conditions. Below we have listed the benefits you are entitled to as an employee at MAX IV Laboratory. Some of the benefits are provided by the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. Talk to local HR if you have any questions about compensation and benefits.

Salary – We offer competitive salaries and every year we conduct a salary review, which in most cases lead to an increase in salary.

Flexible working hours – For us it is very important that you maintain a work-life balance which is why we offer flexible working hours.

Professional development – We support your development and every year a staff appraisal will take place between you and your manager. Together you will set new goals  for the coming year and follow up on the ones that have been previously. Courses and other types of trainings to enhance your professional skills are considered to be very positive.

Membership of professional forums/networks –  To help you to develop professionally we will support your membership in one or several forums if needed.

On site facilities – Our facility is brand new, it opened in June 2016. We offer you a stunning view all the way to the Öresundbridge (and almost Copenhagen). We offer a relaxation room, gym, free coffee/tea and free fruit.

Annual leave – For full time employees, we offer a minimum of 28 days of annual leave per year. After turning 30 you are entitled to 31 days of annual leave and after turning 40 you are entitle to 35 days. These days of annual leave can be used as soon as you are officially employed. You will also have approximately 13 days off from work per year (based on 2022) due to national holidays, shortened work days or so-called squeeze days in addition to your annual leave.

Sick leave – You are entitled to reimbursements when you miss work due to illness. Sick pay is 80% of your usual salary. A standard deduction is taken from the sick pay as a one-off amount based on the employee’s average work week. The standard deduction for sick days is calculated on the basis of the current month’s salary. The deduction is the same, whether you are absent due to illness for the whole of the first day or only part of it. (Please note that the previous qualifying day was replaced by the standard deduction for sick days as of 1 January 2019.)

Parental leave – You are entitled to up to 480 days of parental benefit supplement when on parental leave (based on 2022). The benefit is explained to you when applicable.

Paternity leave – You are entitled to 10 days leave in connection with the birth of your child. You will get your payment from the social welfare system.

Child support – You will receive child allowance of SEK 1.250 for each child under 16. These payments are not subject to tax, and are issued every month. If you have more than one child you receive a family supplement. For 2 children the supplement is SEK 150, for 3 children the supplement is SEK 730, and so on.

Child care – You are entitled to preschool for your children between 1-6 years old. The cost is based on family income and the age of the child, with a maximum of SEK 1.572 per month (based on 2022) for one child, SEK 1.046 for the second child and SEK 524 for the third child. School is mandatory from age 6 and after school care is available for a cost of SEK 1.048 for one child, SEK 524 for the second child and SEK 524 for the third child.

Caring for sick child – You are entitled to stay home from work to care for your sick child.  You will receive reimbursements from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency with approx. 80% of your salary.

Caring for close relatives – Hopefully you never need to use this benefit but if any closely related person (living in Sweden) is so sick that the illness is a distinct threat to their life, you can take leave from work to care for this person. You receive approximately 80% of your salary as benefit for care.

Healthcare – From your first day of employment you are entitled to full healthcare and sick leave. You are entitled to visit doctors and/or doing medical examinations during paid working hours. The cost for a doctor visit is between 160-300 SEK but you will never pay more than SEK 1.200/year. For each doctor visit you get SEK 95 back from MAX IV. We also offer occupational healthcare for work related health problems.

Health promotion – You are entitled to one hour exercise during working hours per week. You will also receive up to SEK 1.870 per year to cover membership costs at gym facilities, or other health related activities. The benefit is paid out against receipt with your salary. If you are uncertain which activities the health promotion covers please check with HR.

Page manager: Ann Sjunnesson January 31, 2023