For a user to be granted access to the MAX IV facility, they must first study the safety material and pass a safety test. The material to study is also available on the Safety pages, see link to the right. Or follow this link and download the Safety Test material for users.

Once logged into DUO you will find the safety test under:

Section: Your visits
Safety Test

Here you can:

  1. Fill in the Safety for users test
  2. See if you already have a valid Safety Test.
    The result is valid one year from completion, and the expiration date is written out in the system and on your certificate.
  3. Print your certificate

Please note:

  • In order to pass the exam, you need to answer all questions correctly; meaning the pass score is 100%.
  • Make sure that you actually passed the current Safety Test by checking the test date in your PDF before printing it.
  • You must always bring a printed copy of your Safety Quiz certificate to the reception to be granted access to MAX IV.

This is how it looks in DUO if your Safety Test has expired: