Guide to IT services

User access to MAX IV IT resources

At MAX IV, there are many different systems that require specific access depending on your affiliation. The most basic requirements are; registration in DUO and an affiliation with an active proposal. Here you will find a collection of short guides to the most commonly used services.

Most access to internal information require 2-factor authentication, read this to learn how to setup the use of one time password.

Experimental Data Access

Experimental data is stored on the MAX IV storage systems where it is retained for a period of minimum 7 years. However, MAX IV does not guarantee that data is not unintentionally lost or accessed, nor that it will be available at all times.

External access

External access to MAX IV experimental data is available via the following methods:

Internal access while on site

Transferring data to a personal computer while on site is limited to using the local wireless network and practical transfer speeds are in the range of 4-5 MB/s. It is not practical alternative for large amounts of data.

Shell access

Login to parts of the data processing resources at MAX IV is possible while the proposal is active. Please see the section further down in this page on “VPN connection to MAX IV” and the documentation on Remote Desktop

More information about data handling at MAX IV

VPN connection to MAX IV

MAX IV users can access the MAX IV computers from external locations via a VPN connection. Currently, active users with a DUO account can establish a connection to a limited network at MAX IV that allows access to computers and services that relates to preparing for an experiment and to view and re-process data.

For usage details, see: VPN


The High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster is a central resource available at MAX IV for users and staff.  It is a small cluster compared to what one would find at dedicated supercomputing centers. It is maintained in cooperation with LUNARC (Lund University Computing Center) the cluster has a very similar architecture.

For usage information, see: HPC


Analysis and data visualization can be performed within a web browser using Jupyter notebooks at MAX IV via a local JupyterHub.

For more information, see: Jupyter at MAX IV


The Lund University computing center (LUNARC) can provide computing resources for processing data from experiments carried out at MAX IV as well as for related simulations and modeling.

For detailed usage insstructions, see: LUNARC


For questions related to data access, please contact Thomas Eriksson.

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