Step-by-step guide

Follow these five main steps to become an industry user at MAX IV.

Proprietary access is open for industry, institutes, and private and public organisations providing commissioned research funded by industry. The access is covered by a non-disclosure agreement and the results belong to you with no need to publish anything.

For information about peer-reviewed access, please see our User Guide.

Young male scientist at MAX IV studying detailed machinery in hands.


Contact the industry office

We will discuss your research needs, guide you through the experiment process, and arrange a meeting with our beamline staff to go through experimental requirements, availability, and safety.
Read more about the beamline capabilities and available techniques here. You can also get inspired by previous industry experiments and explore popular industry research topics at MAX IV.


Enter a purchase agreement

After defining the experimental design, you will request a quote from us. The quote includes the price for your experiment time slots – your “beamtime” – and additional support services if required. There are standard agreements for one-time purchases and framework agreements for multiple purchases. When your agreement has been signed, we schedule your beamtime.


Prepare for your experiment

Start your experiment process by creating an account in our digital user office (DUO). In DUO you can manage everything related to your beamtime, including sample safety declaration, accessing the safety test you must pass before conducting your experiment, retrieving your experimental data, and booking travels and accommodation. You should also prepare for shipment of your samples and equipment.


Conduct your experiment

During your experiment at MAX IV you will be assisted by our beamline staff. When the experiment is completed, you can access and download your data from our digital user office. For crystallography experiments in remote operations there is a different process – read more here.


Pay the invoice

After your time at MAX IV, you will be sent an invoice for your beamtime and/or additional services. The invoice will be sent at the end of the current trimester or at the agreed time.

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