FemtoMAX performance2023
Energy range

1.8 -12 keV ( 1 – 6.5 Å)
Photon source2 x in-vacuum undulators U15
Monochromator2 x Double Crystal Monochromator with Si(111) and InSb(111) crystals.
3 x Multi-Layer Mirror
Photons per pulse on sample1% BW>2·10⁶ at 4 keV
Repetition rate10 Hz
Harmonic content1:1000
BandwidthSi ∆E/E≈2·10-4 (2.5-12 keV)
InSb ∆E/E≈4·10⁻⁴ (1.8-12 keV)
ML ∆E/E=0.01 (1.8-12 keV)
Monochomator throughput @ 5 keV>70% crystal >50% ML
OpticsUnfocused/ Rhodium coated Si-mirror, Be-lenses, Harmonic rejection mirror
Pulse duration<250 fs
Synchronisation<1 ps (may achieve jitter compensation <250 fs temporal resolution)
Spot size on sample60 x 60 µm (FWHM)
EquipmentUltrafast laser at sample (6 mJ @800 nm, 1.2 mJ at 1200 nm), THz excitation,
Tilt platform
Robot detector holder
Vacuum GIXS, Kappa goniometer,
Nanocell (scattering from small (< 1 µL) volume liquids)
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