The electrochemistry setup which is designed for performing photoemission measurements of the solid-liquid or liquid-gas interfaces in a dip-and-pull geometry. A three electrode setup can be dipped and then pulled out of a beaker of liquid electrolyte solution to form a thin electrochemically active interface that can be probed with AP -XPS or -XAS

HIPPIE Dip And Pull Photo
Base pressure5 x 10-6 mbar
Cell not bakeable
Pressure range5 x 10-6 mbar – 30 mbar
Top (sample) manipulatorX, Y, Z, R
Bottom (beaker) manipulatorX, Y, Z
Electrode infoTypical working electrode dimension: 7mm x 50mm (w x h).
Leakless Ag/AgCl reference electrodes are available on request. Maximum reference electrode diameter of 5 mm.
Contact beamline staff to discuss sample/electrode requirements if uncertain.
EC sample holder3-electrode setup: WE, RE, and CE placed one after other, each separated by ~7 mm.
Sample holder can be easily removed from manipulator for electrode/sample exchanging. Two identical sample holders are available
BeakerCan hold beakers up to 50 mm diameter and up to 60 mm height. Available beakers of 30, 60, 100, and 150 ml volume. Users can bring their own beakers.
Heating or cooling can be provided via temperature-controlled platform on which beaker stands.
Electrolyte infoMany electrolyte solutions can be used, with the exception of some strong acids that are corrosive to the stainless steel chamber. Sulfur containing electrolytes are also not permitted due to contamination issues. Please contact the beamline to discuss electrolyte compatibility
PotentiostatBio-Logic SP200. E range +/- 10V. I range +/- 500 mA. 
Glove boxA custom glove box can be attached to allow handling/loading of samples in inert/dry Ar or N2 atmospheres (typically 3ppm O2 and H2O)
Light sourcesA solar simulator is available, suitable for photoelectrocatalysis experiments
AvailabilityAvailable to general users