Read the MAX IV User Policies

Please visit our User Policies page and get acquainted with the MAX IV Terms & Condition for User Access.

Please note that chances of getting further beamtime will be negatively affected by failing to comply.

Is there an open Call for proposals?

MAX IV issues calls for proposals twice per year for the User Science Programme. The calls are named according to their beamtime period, and not when the call itself opens, hence the (approximations):

  • Spring call for proposals opens in September, for beamtime in March-August
  • Fall call for proposals opens in February, for beamtime in September-February

To see if MAX IV has an open call for proposal and when the submission deadline is, please visit the Call for proposals page.

Find your beamline

What Beamline and technique are you interested in? For an overview of current capacities go to: Find your Beamline. Just make sure that the your experimental plan and samples are compatible with the properties of the beamline and its available instrumentation. Further and more specific information can be found on each Beamline page.

Please note: Beamline staff are experts that will gladly advise you to strengthen your proposal. We strongly recommend that you contact them well in advance of proposal submission to discuss the experimental requirements, feasibility, and safety in order to have the best chance of success.

Make sure you have a DUO account

Proposals, Scheduling and most experimental safety procedures at MAX IV are handled in the Digital User Office – DUO. So to be able to submit a proposal you first need need to set up an account, follow this link to the DUO account creation & login guide.

Proposal Submission

There are different Proposal types (types of Access) available at MAX IV, for an overview of them all and how to apply for each, please visit the Access modes page.

For a guide on how to submit a proposal in DUO follow this link to the Submit a proposal guide.

Access through collaborations

MAX IV collaborates with various consortium and projects through which users can apply for privileged beamtime access. Visit the Collaborations offering beamtime page for further information on who is eligible and how to apply.

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Got writers block?

Are you in doubt about how to begin writing your proposal? Do not fret! We have already compiled a list of short and useful tips in our Proposal Writing Guide.

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