Solar panels lying on green grass on the ground.

The development of tomorrow’s alternative energy systems depends on advanced materials research. R&D projects researching future energy solutions are looking into challenges such as how to improve cost, efficiency, and lifespan for existing energy processes and products, and develop and refine new energy technologies and solutions. 

One of the main concerns is also finding more environmentally friendly raw materials and more sustainable sourcing. 

Using the world-class synchrotron X-ray tools and techniques available at MAX IV, it is possible to gain new insights that can accelerate the development and optimisation of fuel cells, hydrogen-storage materials, thin and flexible solar cells, rechargeable battery solutions, etc., and achieve a higher energy density.

These insights pave the way for radical product optimisation and the design of improved production processes that can better meet the demands of tomorrow’s market. 

Examples of research topics at MAX IV

  • Charge transport mechanisms in materials
  • Temperature-driven reaction mechanisms
  • Ageing processes
  • Characterisation of the solid electrolyte interphase
  • Wearing effects of charging cycles on the material structures
  • Electrochemistry and physicochemical processes in situ across multiple length scales 
Battery research example: An X-ray diffraction map of NMC811/ Si-Gr 5 Ah pouch cells, recorded in operando at the DanMAX beamline at MAX IV, showing the Li distribution over the cathode when cells are nearly discharged. Publication DOI: 10.1016/j. jpowsour.2023.232993.

Popular techniques and beamlines

  • X-ray powder diffraction and X-ray fluorescence mapping at DanMAX
  • X-ray fluorescence imaging in 2D and X-ray phase and absorption contrast imaging at NanoMAX
  • Tomographic imaging at ForMAXDanMAX, and NanoMAX
  • Ambient pressure photoelectron spectroscopy at HIPPIE and SPECIES
  • Spectroscopic photoelectron and low energy electron microscopy at MAXPEEM

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