Report: MAX IV and the Industry 2022

The MAX IV and the Industry 2022 report displayed against a white background.

In addition to the annual Highlights report, MAX IV releases a new report focusing on the industrial utilisation of the facility.

MAX IV and the Industry 2022 summarises how the industry benefitted from MAX IV during the last year. It features industry user statistics, user cases, the results of various outreach and community-building efforts, and collaborations for national and international research.

50% more paid industry experiments

The report concludes that the number of paid industry experiments at MAX IV (proprietary experiment sessions) increased by nearly 50% compared to the previous year, from 70 to 104.

The number of paying industry user groups (proprietary users) grew by nearly 20%, with the primary industry sector using MAX IV being drug discovery.

Most industry-connected research happened through open access

The total use-time of MAX IV connected to the industry in 2022 was roughly 5700 hours.

Of these, 88% were for collaborative, peer-reviewed open-access projects with academia and institutes, where the results were to be published.

12% were for proprietary research, where companies paid for fast access and the possibility to keep their results confidential.

Download the report

You can download the report here (PDF): MAX IV and the Industry 2022.

All MAX IV reports are available for download in the Reports website section.

Interested in doing industrial research at MAX IV?

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