Researchers from all over the world come to MAX IV to perform experiments using synchrotron x-rays at various beamline experimental stations that operate 24 hours a day, six days a week. Each experimental station is designed and specialized for a certain type of experiment. A “user” is someone who has been granted access (“beamtime”) to use a beamline at a synchrotron facility through a peer-reviewed proposal system. Synchrotron users are researchers typically from academia and industry but may come from other areas as well.

Become a MAX IV user

In order to become a user at MAX IV through a peer-reviewed proposal you need to follow the steps outlined in this guide. Access through peer review is granted based on academic merits and free of charge, under the condition that all results are timely disseminated into the academic public. For information about proprietary access, mainly for industry users, please contact the Industrial Relations Team.

1) Find a beamline and submit your proposal

To start, you need to identify a beamline with a technique available for proposals that caters to your research needs. Each beamline has staff members who are intimately familiar with the beamline and instrumental set-ups. It is essential for you to contact the beamline staff well in advance of proposal submission to discuss their experimental requirements, feasibility, and safety in order to have the best chance of success.


Beamlines and techniques available for proposals


Knowing which beamline and technique you want to apply for, you can write and submit a proposal in the digital user office system (DUO). If you had been a user at MAX IV before, it is mandatory that you have submitted a report about the earlier experiment (a missing experimental report will lead to a reduction in evaluation score). MAX IV issues proposal calls typically two times per year with a set deadline. All proposals are evaluated for technical feasibility, safety and scientific quality by an independent Programme Advisory Committee.


Proposal calls and submission instructions


2) Once your proposal has been accepted

Once your proposal has been accepted, MAX IV staff will contact you with information about how to schedule your beamtime, plan your travel and accommodation, perform mandatory safety training and register for site access. Non-Swedish users might be eligible for financial support through CALIPSOplus.


3) After your experiment: report back

In order to fulfill our obligation to the public and funders to report on the use of funds, MAX IV and its users need to provide complete reporting on the outcome of the beamtime, and published results from work at MAX IV in form of papers and theses. MAX IV therefore requests a mandatory experimental report to be submitted through the digital user office system (DUO) timely after a completed experiment, as well as that all relevant publications are registered in DUO. In addition, we welcome feedback on your experience as a user.