Below are the access modes the FinEstBeAMS beamline participates in, and potentially useful notes regarding what is offered for each:

The standard peer reviewed access mode at MAX IV, offering a single scientific project beamtime. To see if MAX IV has an open call for proposal and when the submission deadline is, please visit the Call for proposals page.

In the Spring 2023 call, FinEstBeAMS invites proposals from commissioning experts to commission further a recently developed aerodynamic lens sample delivery system. One week (30 shifts) of beamtime will be reserved for this purpose at the Gas-Phase End Station, where the sample delivery system can be mounted in the horizontal direction while the electron spectrometer is positioned in the vertical direction. There are restrictions as for what kind of samples can be studied presently. For further information, please see the low density matter web page

The access mode is only available for the Solid-State End Station. Maximum 6 shifts (24 hrs) can be allocated for a single proposal. A fast-access proposal can only be scheduled in a pre-defined time. Please contact beamline personnel for the current schedule.

The complete beamline setup is available for Proprietary users,  please contact the MAX IV Industrial Relations Office for further information.

In regular proposal calls, users can submit beamtime proposals that are focused on training or education of participants such as university students or upper secondary school teachers. A review panel will evaluate submitted T&E proposals.

Follow this link to read more about all MAX IV Access modes.