Below are the access modes the FemtoMAX beamline participates in, and potentially useful notes regarding what is offered for each:

Proposal call for expert commissioning for ultrafast spectroscopy


We are opening a call for commissioning experiment for ultrafast x-ray absorption spectroscopy. We will test our newly developed software and hardware to measure an energy and time dependence of transient absorption in known samples. The samples must be chosen to have absorption edge in the range of 5 – 8 keV and with dynamics can be characterized with a time resolution of 200 fs. The transient XANES absorption measurement will be conducted in both transmission and emission mode. We invite users who have experience in this type of experiment, preferably who have experience in setting up ultrafast XAS experiments at free electron laser or synchrotron facility.
The first proposal is expected to be allocated time in late Spring 2023 and further accepted proposals will be given time within 2 years after the proposal call.

Diffraction & Scattering and X-ray flourescence

Training & Education proposals are unavailable for this call/cycle, due to ongoing revisions of the program and potential changes to the procedure. Check for updates on T&E access in this page.

You can read more on MAX IV’s Education & outreach programs and activities here.

Types of Fast Access offered at FemtoMAX:

  • Sample or technical feasibility study

The maximum number of shifts: 6 (24 hrs).

Follow this link to read more about all MAX IV Access modes.

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