Below are the access modes the DanMAX beamline participates in, and potentially useful notes regarding what is offered for each:

It is possible to get fast access to the PXRD2D instrument for sample feasibility tests. Examples of available setups: Capillary spinner with Cryostream (90-500K), 2D µXRD+µXRF mapping. Total Scattering / Pair Distribution Function (35 keV / Qmax ~ 18 Å-1) at room temperature. Not all available through this access mode, contact the DanMAX staff if you are in doubt.

It is also possible to test compatibility of user developed sample environments etc., however, this must be discussed with the DanMAX staff prior to proposal submission.

The duration of the test is up to 4 hours and may be performed as a remote experiment. More information can be found here.

The complete beamline setup is available for Proprietary users,  please contact the MAX IV Industrial Relations Office for further information.

The PXRD2D instrument and associated sample environments is available for general user experiments.

Follow this link to read more about all MAX IV Access modes.

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