Below are the access modes the beamline participates in, and potentially useful notes regarding what is offered for each:

The complete beamline setup is available for Proprietary users,  please contact the MAX IV Industrial Relations Office for further information.

Techniques available for standard access:

  • Full-field microtomography
  • SWAXS, including scanning SWAXS imaging
  • Combined full-field tomography and SWAXS

More difficult modes of operation, such as (i) combined full-field tomography and scanning SWAXS imaging, (ii) simultaneous full-field tomography and WAXS, or (iii) grazing-incidence SAXS, can also be carried out with restrictions by experienced users. Please contact beamline staff in advance.

Follow this link to read more about all MAX IV Access modes.

ForMAX also provides privileged access for the Treesearch community and transnational access through the ReMade@ARI research infrastructure project. For more information, see collaborations offering beamtime.