Designing a Model Catalyst for Large-Scale Biofuel Production

The future of efficient biofuel production is within reach. With measurements from MAX IV’s SPECIES beamline, a group from Lund University and RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden, has successfully developed a model catalyst that, once tuned, holds potential to significantly improve the treatment process for the large-scale manufacture of viable biofuels from lignin. Lignin is a

Structures of several clinically relevant NUDT15 variants are discovered – paving the way for better cancer treatments

Recent research by a group of researchers from Sweden, the US, and the UK successfully developed a specific NUDT15 inhibitor, TH7755, that helped the group to obtain structures of clinically relevant NUDT15 variants: Arg139Cys, Arg139His, Val18Ile, and V18_V19insGlyVal. These insights allow further understandings of the structural basis of thiopurine intolerance in patients carrying these NUDT15

First Users at Balder Beamline Seek to Illuminate MXenes

In operation since September, Balder beamline has taken its first users to investigate MXenes, a class of nano-crystalline 2D-layered transition metal carbides, carbonitrides and nitrides. Researchers aim to learn more about their fascinating characteristics and how to exploit their material properties for new technologies.