Designing a Model Catalyst for Large-Scale Biofuel Production

The future of efficient biofuel production is within reach. With measurements from MAX IV’s SPECIES beamline, a group from Lund University and RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden, has successfully developed a model catalyst that, once tuned, holds potential to significantly improve the treatment process for the large-scale manufacture of viable biofuels from lignin. Lignin is a

MAX IV & partners poised to innovate life science sector

MAX IV Laboratory, together with Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) and the European Spallation Source ERIC (ESS), form the joint Science Hub InfraLife, Infra Access for Life Science Sweden. Recently launched, InfraLife supports Sweden’s national investments in large-scale research infrastructure through dynamic facilitation and access to cutting-edge technology, data science, and active industry-enabling collaboration, outreach, and

Identifying chemical content to increase usefulness of solid waste ashes

Fortum Waste Solutions, Sysav, Eon, Stena and NOAH, in collaboration with Researchers from RISE and Chalmers, used beamline Balder to identify chemical species of copper and zinc in ashes that remain after burning solid waste. Not all forms of the metals in ashes pose the same risk to the environment. Therefore, more detailed knowledge can

2 honorary doctorates for 2 pillars of MAX IV’s past, present, and future

Earlier this summer, Lund University campus was filled with hopeful students, proud families, and busy professors. It was graduation season which meant that students were cashing in their hard work in order to receive new titles like, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts or Doctor of Philosophy, many of whom had been taught by the