2 honorary doctorates for 2 pillars of MAX IV’s past, present, and future


Earlier this summer, Lund University campus was filled with hopeful students, proud families, and busy professors. It was graduation season which meant that students were cashing in their hard work in order to receive new titles like, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts or Doctor of Philosophy, many of whom had been taught by the staff at MAX IV.

While most of the graduates were expecting their degree and had been waiting eagerly for graduation day to arrive, there was a much smaller class of graduates, who were not expecting their degree at all. These were the honorary doctorates. This title is awarded to a very select group of people each year and is an honour bestowed by the university to recognise outstanding contributions to a field of work. MAX IV was incredibly proud this year to see two pillars of our facility receiving honorary doctorates and we were very happy to speak with them on the morning of the graduation ceremony.

Anne Borg is a long-time user of MAX lab and is currently chair of the scientific advisory committee at MAX IV and we wrote about her when we heard she would be getting the award. Her research concerns material and surface physics for the purpose of studying how surface layers are formed and how the surface interacts with different molecules

Chris Palmstrøm is also a long-time user of MAX lab and soon to be a user of MAX IV when the Bloch beamline comes online. His research focuses on the heteroepitaxial growth of novel materials to form the basis for making new electronic, optoelectronic, magnetic and micromechanical devices.