Well attended 35th User Meeting with a forward look

Director Karis at the 35th MAX IV User Meeting

MAX IV would like to thank our staff, attendees, and vendors for an inspiring time during the 2024 MAX IV User Meeting, which brought together 370 participants.

The meeting opened with a welcome from the host university Lund University Vice-Chancellor for Research Infrastructure, Digitalisation and Third-cycle Studies, Viktor Öwall. VR Secretary General for Research Infrastructure, Lisbeth Olsson, presented an overview of the funding landscape for national and international research infrastructure.

#MAXIV35UserMeeting Programme
Programme for the MAX IV 35th User Meeting. Credit: MAX IV Laboratory

In a series of talks, the MAX IV Science Directors Marjolein Thunnissen and Aymeric Robert, Accelerator Director Pedro Tavares, and Director Olof Karis presented updates on the facility and its future. The keynote was given by the Director General of the French Synchrotron SOLEIL, Jean Daillant, on European collaboration and the upcoming SOLEIL II upgrade. Alfa Laval and their Lund University partners gave examples of successful collaborations between academia and industry.

The first day closed with the Association for Synchrotron Radiation Users FASM annual meeting and a lively poster session with 77 posters. The 2024 poster prize was awarded to Unnimaya Thalakkale Veettil for her poster “Exploring the mechanism of lignin nanoparticle formulation by time resolved X-ray scattering experiments in acoustically levitated droplets”.

Day two of the user meeting offered several parallel sessions and riveting discussions on science conducted by academic and industrial users during the last year. The meeting ended on day three with presentations of the plans for future beamlines at MAX IV and beamline updates and visits.

Three days filled with discussions, insightful presentations from both academia and industry, gave participants a refreshed update and insights into the world of science at MAX IV.