LINXS Webinar Series

01 March 2023, 15:30 - 16:30
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LINXS Webinar Series is meant as an educational venture addressed to a broad audience including students and researchers from various backgrounds and all those who are interested in the topics are welcome to join in.

The webinar series is held every first Wednesday of the month, throughout the year.

Each webinar will run from 35 to 40 minutes followed by questions from the participants. LINXS hopes to record all the webinars so that they can be available on the LINXS website (under Educational material).


Full information on the event’s topic, brief, speaker(s), and the webinar’s Zoom session is available on LINXS Webinars event page.


Antibodies in Solution: a LINXS – NIST Webinar Series

Speaker: John Marino, Nist, USA

The Antibodies in Solution: a LINXS – NIST Webinar Series provides background information related to the currently ongoing LINXS antibody research program. This is a concerted experimental and theoretical effort that aims to investigate the properties of monoclonal antibodies in solution, which comprise a major platform for potential drug candidates and are of high academic and pharmaceutical interest. An international consortium of researchers at academic institutions, research centers, NIST and Novartis has teamed up for this.