Light-driven ionization processes in atoms and molecules… and the role of the photon‘s momentum

Low Density Matter 23 November 2023, 09:00 - 11:00
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Prof. Reinhard Dörner, Goethe Universität, Germany



Coltrims is an imaging technique to measure the complete fragmentation of a few body system. All charged fragments from an atomic, molecular or surface reaction are projected by a combination of electric and magnetic fields onto large area position sensitive detectors. From the measured time-of-flight of the particles and their position of impact on the detector the three dimensional momentum vector is obtained. Cooling of the the target atoms before the fragmentation by super sonic expansion or by laser cooling allows a momentum resolution for the ion momenta of 0.05 a.u. (atomic units). Multi hit capable position channel plate detectors with delayline readout are used for detection of several electron or ions per detector.

For more details on COLTRIMS, please visit: https://www.atom.uni-frankfurt.de/research/10_COLTRIMS/

About the speaker

Prof. Dörner has held a professorship in Experimental Atomic Physics at the Goethe University Frankfurt since 2002 and his research focusses on the investigation of many-particle dynamics in atoms and molecules using laser fields and synchrotron radiation. He is an expert in the COLTRIMS (Cold Target Recoil Ion Momentum Spectroscopy) technique having developed it in the early 2000’s along with Prof. Horst Schmidt-Böcking and Prof. Joachim Ullrich. Professor Dörner has produced over 400 research papers during his career so far, including numerous high impact papers in Nature and Science and he is visiting MAX IV in November as his team will have a beamtime with the ICE endstation at FinEstBeAMS.

For more details regarding Prof. Dörner and his research work, please visit:https://www.atom.uni-frankfurt.de/