Long-term governmental funding of MAX IV enabled by a change in ordinance

MAX IV exterior. Photo by Johan Persson.

Today, the Swedish Government announces a modification of the ordinance that governs funding granted to research infrastructure of national interest. The change in the governing documents will allow the Swedish Research Council to grant funding for up to 10 years for MAX IV and similar research infrastructure.

The news announced by the Swedish Ministry of Education and Research refers to a change in the ordinance 2009:975, which includes instructions for the Swedish Research Council as an authority.

The change aims to reduce financial unpredictability and uncertainty due to short-term funding, enabling more long-term planning and stability. It has the potential to positively affect MAX IV’s co-funding stakeholders, partners, universities, and international collaborators, with the opportunity to drive long-term collaborations and investments which will benefit the national research community and society.

In the press release issued by the Swedish Government, the Minister for Education and Research Mats Persson says that the funding of research infrastructure must be long-term, given the need for long-term investments required by these organisations and the nature of the work they execute. They differ from other infrastructures because they have a long lifespan and specific application areas.

MAX IV welcomes the decision.

– At MAX IV, we are very grateful for the decision made by the Swedish Government. This is an essential step towards a future where a more financially stable basis can enable us to continue generating scientific breakthroughs, strengthening our international collaborations, and further reinforcing Sweden’s position as a leading nation within research and development, says Olof “Charlie” Karis, MAX IV Director.

– We look forward to the many opportunities this enables for us and the Swedish research community.

The new ordinance will be effective from March 12, 2024.

Read the full press release on MAX IV’s press room (Cision): [English version] [Swedish version]

For media enquiries please contact Anna Sandahl, Head of Communication, MAX IV:

anna.sandahl@maxiv.lu.se / +46 46 222 01 99