Upgrade of SPring-8 beamlines – seminar with D. Eng. Makina Yabashi

19 December 2022, 13:00 - 14:00
Research Env Spring8

Makina Yabashi graduated from the University of Tokyo in 1996, and has worked for development of X-ray optics and beamlines for SPring-8 and SACLA. He is now serving as directors of two groups on SPring-8 and SACLA beamlines in RIKEN SPring-8 Center.


Prior to the accelerator upgrade of SPring-8-II, we have started major refurbishment and upgrade of SPring-8 beamlines. We also continue R&D on novel X-ray optics for ultimate focusing, ultrahigh stability, and high-energy use. The latest status of these developments for SPring-8 and SACLA will be presented in my talk.


Latest Friday 16 December to participate at MAX IV, Room MAX III or via ZOOM.


ZOOM-link will be sent out in advance to registered participants.