Seminar: How your life science company can benefit from MAX IV and ESS

Industry 09 May 2023, 08:45 - 11:00
Life Science Scientists In Lab

MAX IV and ESS offer unique opportunities for life science companies. How can your business benefit from them, and what kind of answers can they provide?

Join us for a morning seminar on May 9th, where Esko Oksanen (ESS) and Marc Obiols-Rabasa (MAX IV) will introduce you to the facilities and the possibilities they provide for life science companies. Per Brunmark from SmiLe Incubator will tell you how they can guide you to access MAX IV, and SciLifeLab will introduce you to their vast network of lab resources – and how to use them.

The seminar is part of a project by MAXESS and SmiLe Incubator to guide small and medium size life science companies in using MAX IV, ESS, DESY, and similar large-scale research facilities. The project is co-funded by the European Union and Region Skåne and is a partnership between Science Village Scandinavia AB, MAX IV, SmiLe Incubator and ESS.

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