SCIENTÍFika hosting Dr. Georg Held

Catalysts 06 December 2021, 13:45 - 14:15
A collage of illustrations, depicting things like coffee, bagels, speech bubbles and other morning elements.

The VerSoX beamline: Near-ambient pressure XPS/NEXAFS at Diamond Light Source

The near-ambient-pressure beamline B07 (Versatile Soft X-ray beamline) at Diamond Light Source opened for users in July 2017. It features two branch lines with endstations covering the pressure range from UHV to atmosphere. The energy range 50/170 – 2200/2800 eV allows accessing a wide range of core levels and is optimised for the electron kinetic energy range necessary to penetrate gas environments in the 10 mbar range. The differentially pumped beamline entrance and analyser of the NAP endstation enable measurements routinely up to 30 mbar. A small NEXAFS endstation is separated from the beamline by a window and allows pressures up to 1 bar. The talk will discuss the beamline designs and performance and present results of experiments studying industrial and model catalysts in ambient-pressure conditions, demonstrating the research possibilities it offers.

We look forward to see you online and hope you enjoy the talk!

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