OPERA – A hard X-ray diffraction operando beamline at MAX IV: Workshop

19 January 2023, 10:00 - 17:00
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OPERA is a proposed hard X-ray diffraction beamline specifically tailored for advanced operando experiments (i.e. high flux, ultrafast flexible detection and infrastructure for complex sample environments). The aim is to allow unique real-time studies of processes such as catalysis, energy storage, hydrogen embrittlement, additive manufacturing, thin film deposition, and many more. 

During the MAX IV strategy process an Expression of Interest (EoI) for OPERA was submitted, supported by numerous organizations and individual researchers in both academia and industry. One result of the EoI evaluation process was the need to develop a conceptual design report (CDR) with quantitative assessment of the beamline performance for further consideration. The CDR will be developed jointly between MAX IV and the proposing research group, and we currently invite interested researchers to a workshop aimed at:

  • further developing (refine and complement) the main science cases for OPERA
  • defining of the beamline characteristics (e.g. energy range, beam size, flux, …) needed to meet the requirements set by the science cases

This will form the basis for the performance calculations, and also future efforts to secure funding for the design and construction. The workshop will be held physically at MAX IV (on-site participation is limited to 50 participants) to facilitate interactive discussions with technical experts. On-site participation is strongly encouraged, but online participation will be possible.

Download OPERA EoI.pdf

Further questions can be addressed to: Magnus Colliander, Chalmers University of Technology