Lund Visualization Week

24 October 2022, 09:15 - 26 October 2022, 15:00
Infoskärm P11000

Join Lund Visualization Week arranged by InfraVis and explore data visualization opportunities in a variety of research areas, from natural sciences to humanities.

Visualization of single-cell gene expression, identification of environmental disasters through visualization, using visualization to understand the relation between language use and motion as well as visualization with Blender and Paraview. This is just a taste of the presentations and hands-on workshops you can expect at Lund Visualization Week.

About InfraVis

InfraVis is a Swedish national research infrastructure for data visualization. InfraVis aims at creating competitive advantages for researchers all over Sweden and provides state-of-the-art visualization competence and knowledge pooled from nine partner universities, including Lund University. InfraVis visualization and application experts come from all kinds of research areas, meaning that Infravis has the competence to help researchers visualize research data from a broad range of research areas. Considering this and the fact that InfraVis encompasses visualization labs and equipment all over the country, InfraVis can quickly put together application expert teams to provide the best visualization support for a given research project and thus support workflow and enable scientific discovery through data visualization.