Joint ESS-MAX IV Science Colloquium – Making the most of scattering techniques for forest-based materials

15 March 2023, 15:00 - 16:30
Matthew Smith Rfflri94rs8 Unsplash

Professor Daniel Söderberg, KTH Royal Institute of Technology 

Coffee will be served at 15:00 and the seminar begins at 15:15. Feel free to stay and mingle after the talk.

Please note that those without an ESS pass must register using this link by 9:00 on 14 March so names can be registered with ESS Reception. Make sure to arrive a bit early.

Abstract: With the challenge for a sustainable society, bio-based materials provide an attractive route for ensuring recyclability at some structural level, given that they originate from renewable resources. Materials from the forest are widely used as sawn timber, paper, packaging and tissue materials. By selective extraction and modification of Nature’s building blocks, it is possible to fabricate other advanced and functional material concepts that can play an important role in society. The characterisation techniques made available by synchrotron and neutron facilities provide important tools that will allow necessary scientific research and technical development to be performed. A set of examples of these developments will be presented and discussed.