How can the industry make use of the tools available at MAX IV & ESS?

13 March 2017, 12:00
visits and tours

Join this one day workshop and learn about how industry can create value by getting access to advanced research tools at large research facilities!

The day will contain presentations from companies that are taking advantage of the analytical techniques available at synchrotrons and neutron facilities, both directly and indirectly. They will share their stories on how these tools help create value for their business. The day will also include presentations from institutes, companies, academic centers and other organizations that help industry get access to, or make use of, analytic tools at the facilities. You will also get an introduction to what is going on at MAX IV and ESS and information on how to get access to the facilities. The day will be rounded off by a visit to MAX IV Laboratory.

Who should attend?

The workshop is combining presentations from industry users with information from the facilities and surrounding organizations that can help industry get access. The workshop is aimed at R&D Managers, industrial specialists and project leaders at companies who want to learn how they can make use of and benefit from analytical tools at large research facilities. The workshop can also be an opportunity for policy makers that are interested in understanding how to connect industry with large research facilities.

Why should you attend?

To get an insight into why other companies use these techniques and why it is meaningful and creates value for them.
To get an understanding of the different routes for access to the techniques and how your company can make use of the facilities through mediating organizations.
To learn about what level of effort it requires to get something meaningful out of these facilities (in terms of competence, resources, time, money).
To make new contacts and do networking with the relevant people in the field.
To make your opinion heard in the discussions around industrial usage of the large research infrastructures.
To understand that you can have influence on the direction of what type of research that should be performed at the facilities by investing in the right research communities or directly into the facilities.
To understand more about what ESS and MAX IV is.
To learn a bit about some of the techniques that will be available at the facilities.
To visit MAX IV.

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