How can SciLifeLab, MAX IV and ESS contribute to drug discovery and development?

12 November 2021, 13:00 - 14:30

Would you like to know how SciLifeLab, MAX IV and ESS can contribute to drug discovery and development? Participate in the joint webinar organized by InfraLife together with partner organisation Lif on November 12, 2021.

During the webinar

SciLifeLab, MAX IV and ESS – the three large-scale research infrastructures will provide information on their capabilities in advanced technologies in the shape of research infrastructure, as well as relevant data support and structures. Together, we provide the research tools and technologies that can support industry R&Ds throughout drug discovery. The offered technologies are ranging from genomics, proteomics, genome engineering and drug discovery, to X-ray beamlines and the most powerful neutron source worldwide. The participants will be able to explore the capacities of the research infrastructures and how they can benefit the life science industries.


The event is a joint webinar by Lif and InfraLife project. Lif is the trade association for the research-based pharmaceutical industry in Sweden with about 90 members and associate companies as well as one of InfraLife’s partner organizations. InfraLife – is a collaboration project of the large-scale research infrastructures SciLifeLab, MAX IV and ESS. The organization also partners with SwedenBIO & Lif and is in collaboration with SWElife, MedTech4Health and Swedish MedTech.


This event will be beneficial for people working in the pharma industry and the Life Science-ecosystem in Sweden. Participants will be able to learn more about the services these three major national infrastructures can offer and how to start a research project.

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