The list of achievements is long – review committee congratulates MAX IV

Dron image of the exterior of MAX IV at night.

The Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet, VR), which funds the majority of MAX IV operations, reviewed for the sixth time MAX IV’s project management on 7–8 November. The ten-member review committee charged MAX IV with questions on several aspects of the project, from cost and schedule to technical issues, management and science. They also evaluated how well MAX IV has addressed the previous review’s recommendations. Finally, the committee presented MAX IV with new recommendations to strengthen operations further.

Download the full review report VR MAX IV 6th project review report 2022.pdf

The committee commended the MAX IV staff for their technical and scientific achievements during 2022. They noted that:

‘The committee is deeply impressed by the profoundness and pace of the changes that MAX IV has accomplished since the last review in November 2021.’

‘The eight recommendations from last year, as well as the four from the year before, have now been addressed in a systematic and convincing manner.’

‘Many people that the committee talked to expressed the view that this is still only the beginning of a long journey but that the organisation is moving in the right direction.’

MAX IV is very pleased with the positive outcome of the review and guidance provided and will now address the review committee’s new recommendations.