XRD data

The multimodal in-situ XAS-XRD endstation is used for in-situ / in-operando investigations with a total time resolution of currently about 20s. Exemplary data is shown here: In-situ data from the formation of metal halide perovskite thin-films (in-FORM project)


Overview The Balder beamline is dedicated to X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) and X-ray emission spectroscopy (XES) in medium and hard X-ray energy range, 2.4-40 keV (at present 4-40 keV). The high brilliance from the 3 GeV storage ring in combination with the beamline design will allow for time-resolved measurements down to sub-second time resolution to


DanMAX is a materials science beamline, dedicated to in situ and operando experiments on real materials. The beamline will operate in the 15–35 keV range and have three endstation instruments: one for full field imaging instrument, one versatile powder diffraction setup using an area detector and a high resolution powder X-ray diffraction instrument using a