MAX IV’s role in the Government’s Research Bill

Image of the external MAX IV building with a focus on the office building, trees and green hills in the surroundings.

By the end of October, Lund University submitted its input to the Government’s proposed research and innovation politics. The contribution included input from MAX IV. In general, various actors mention MAX IV in their proposals to the Government's research bill, emphasising the role of large-scale research infrastructures in reaching the research policy goals.

The Government asks a number of referral bodies, including universities, government agencies, and other organisations, to give input and suggestions to their proposed research and innovation politics. Here is a list of submitted replies to the Government from different organisations.

The input to the Research Bill submitted by Lund University includes input from MAX IV. It highlights that having a well-educated population has enabled Sweden’s societal welfare, where research-based knowledge has supported innovation and democracy. It also suggests prioritising excellence and long-term and stable MAX IV and ESS funding through a national ecosystem.

“Lund University proposes:

  • A long-term increase of resources for the MAX IV operations.
  • Grants for investments in new beamlines and necessary upgrades of MAX IV.
  • MAX IV operations to be funded by the Governmental budget via a specific grant to the Swedish Research Council.”

Read Lund University’s input to the Government’s proposed Research and Innovation Bill (Swedish)

Other actors’ suggestions

Various actors’ responses and suggestions to the Government, including the Swedish Research Council, have stressed the need to increase governmental funding of MAX IV and other research infrastructures and establish a long-term, stable funding system.

This is described as fundamental for Sweden to reach the Government’s overarching research policy goals and enable research of the highest quality – “the basis for driving development forward” – and contribute to solving national and global challenges.

Below are examples of suggestions from other organisations:

“A well-functioning system for funding research infrastructure is essential for developing knowledge within Formas responsibility areas.”

– FORMAS report Knowledge for a Future-Proof Society”

“The large-scale research infrastructures need funding and business interfaces that are long-term and ensure increased access for both industry and the public sector.”

– VINNOVA’s report “Accelerating Towards a Sustainable Future”

“Increase governmental funding of MAX IV’s operational budget by 106 million SEK per year and safeguard it with annual index adjustment. An
annual increase of 30 million SEK for each new beamline that becomes operational will be needed in future.”

The Swedish Research Council’s report “Research Quality and International Competitiveness”

“MAX IV must be given the financial possibility for the technological development required to maintain its position at the international forefront and, over time, be able to cater to academic and industrial research.”

– SUHF’s report (The Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions):
“Input to the Coming Research Bill”

Read the whole Budget Bill here (