Welcome to the 30th MAX IV User Meeting – Coherent Visions.

Venue: Scandic Star Hotel, Lund.

Dates: Monday 24th to Wednesday 26th, September, 2018.



The User Meeting aims to  create an interesting and valuable meeting for all concerned in consultation with MAX IV scientists, FASM (our users organization), SSUO/ESUO (the Swedish and European user organizations) as well the Swedish Universities through the MAX IV Universities Reference Group (URG) and the ESS. MAX IV now has both the 3 GeV and 1.5 GeV storage rings in operation and calls  for normal proposals for structural biology, spectroscopy and nanoscience  on BioMAX, HIPPIE and NanoMAX beamlines, respectively. A new Commissioning Experts call is now opened. All together this has lead to this year contents of the 30th MAX IV User Meeting – Coherent Visions (UM18).


The two lunch-to-lunch days of the 30th MAX IV User Meeting – Coherent Visions contents are:

  • MAX IV User community, user science and its future horizons at MAX IV.
  • Plenary talks.
  • VR review of the needs for access to X-ray based facilities by the Swedish Research community.
  • Directors´science and facility status.
  • Seven parallel sessions on Tuesday 25th.
  • Time for discussions within and across each field.
  • News from FASM, SSUO/ESUO and ESS.


last but not least:

  • Annual meeting of our user organization FASM.
  • Clips from the students posters.
  • Poster session.
  • Poster and PhD Thesis awards.
  • User Meeting banquet.
  • Opportunity to visit some of the beamlines
  • Commercial exhibitors of synchrotron-related equipment will have their stands during the whole length of the meeting.
  • Event focus on outreach to the schools on Tuesday 25th.


Further information is being updated through these pages.


Other meetings for MAX IV Users held in 2018

It´s worth mentioning here that MAX IV users, from different research communities, have already had the opportunity to meet and contribute in two specific events which, for project-timeline reasons, were more valuable to organize them early in 2018:

2018, January 8th – 9th: 3rd DanMAX User Meeting

2018, January 23rd: 1st ForMAX User Workshop

Regardless of that we look forward to see these communities again joining the present and future MAX IV users in the 30th MAX IV User Meeting – Coherent Visions