Geology, Archaeology, Cultural Heritage: Options and future collaborations at MAX IV

Purpose and scope:

There is a growing – and strong interest – from archaeologists, geologist and cultural heritage specialist to know more about synchrotron science, and how different methods can be used. The session will be a chance for a scientist to get to know some main techniques with examples from MAXIV and other facilities. Another theme the session will explore is how 3D image analyses and visualisations currently developed and used in digital archaeology might be applied to other sciences. The main aim is to discuss how Lund could advance in this field


Invited speakers:
Mirta Sibilia, Elettra



, Dept. of Archaeology and Ancient history (contact)
Rajmund Mockso, MAX IV


Parallel session program, Tuesday 24 (Tentative)
[Coming soon]


14:30 – 15:00     FIKA (coffee break)



19:00 –                 Users Banquet (registration needed)



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Please submit your abstract for an oral presentation or poster at the user meeting. Deadline 7th July, 2019.