Prepare for your beamtime

The final evaluation report of your proposal will be sent by the user office to the main proposer, who should take care of informing all team members, i.e. co-proposers and other users that will be involved in the experiment.

Here you find information relevant once your proposal has been approved, i.e. you have been granted beamtime. In addition to organizing the travel to Lund and booking your accommodation, there are a few more procedures to follow in preparation for the beamtime, such as apply for your access card and perform the safety test.

Beamtime scheduling

In the case that your proposal had been granted beam time you will soon be contacted by the corresponding beamline manageror your local contact to schedule it. This will define the dates and shits in which you could use the corresponding beamline to perform experiments requested in your approved proposal.
IMPORTANT Please be aware that from this point it is your responsibility to define the experimental sessions. This is necessary to allow you and your collaborators to access and use the MAX IV facility. Read more on Experiment Sessions here below.

Manage experiment sessions for your scheduled beamtime.

An experiment session is defined as a given number of shifts for a given list of participants and samples. Any User included in the proposal submission phase can create and manage the experiment sessions from the DUO interface.
All shifts that have been scheduled by the beamline manager are eligible to belong to one experimental session, ultimately all shifts will be grouped in one or more experimental sessions. There can be created as many experiment sessions as need it.  NOTE that that the deadline to create a session is 14 days before the first shift included in the session.  More details will be found here.

The experiment session states:

  1. who will be able to apply for access to the laboratory,
  2. who will have access to the data collected,
  3. which samples will be used during that experiment session.


Note the difference between a participant and a visitor:

A participant will have an account with access to the data collected in that particular experiment session, whether being present or not at the beamline. This means that remote users must be included here as well.
A visitor is the person physically present in MAX IV at the experiment. Being visitor does not provide access to the data.

Agreement for Access to MAX IV Laboratory

At MAX IV we have a number of User related Terms & Conditions and Policies that lay out the conditions that govern the use of the MAX IV. These  define conditions of access, give definitions of different types of access and users, govern the use of data, data storage, safety aspects and much more. For obtaining access to MAX IV an Agreement for Access which refers to these Terms and Conditions has to be signed by the person who is authorised to sign for e.g. liability, IP and safety etc. at the institution not only once for each User Institution but for each department or faculty of such User Institution, as the case may be. Without such accession to this Agreement, access to MAX IV will be denied. Please also note that for multi-institutional experiments, each User Institution has to sign this Agreement.

Get the form to sign this agreement either in pdf (Agreement for Access to MAX IV Laboratory.pdf) or in word format (Agreement for Access to MAX IV Laboratory.docx)

Travel options


MAX IV has a temporary contract with the Forskarhotellet guest house near the MAX IV site. Forskarhotellet has a total of 20 rooms available to MAX IV. All rooms have a private bathroom, wireless internet and a kitchenette with a fridge, freezer compartment and a small stove. There is also a laundry room that can be used at no extra charge. Breakfast is included in the price and NOTE that will be served in the dining room on the top floor in the office building 07:30–08:30 every weekday. During weekends and holidays, breakfast will be available on a self-service basis at the vending machines at MAX IV.
The booking of rooms for MAX IV users/guests is handled by MAX IV. Usually, the moment to book the guesthouse will be after your proposal is granted beamtime and the beamtime is allocated by the beamline manager. In that case you will be able to book the guesthouse at the moment of applying for an access card to MAX IV through the DUO interphase.

As a MAX IV user you are also entitled to use the University Guest House which is located on Tunavägen 39 A in Lund. Pease contact the  to arrange the booking in the University Guest House.

Other alternatives can be found on the Booking your accommodation page.
Those bookings should be made directly by users.

Apply for an Access card

It is mandatory that every member of the experimental team register in the DUO system hers/his coming visit to participate in the experiment. This registration is done through the Apply Access Card entry seen in Your next sessions list on the DUO interface.

Safety test

Every user who applies for an access card in DUO will receive a confirmation e-mail where it’s clearly said that they need to do the safety quiz.

The safety test is available through the Safety Test entry after logging into DUO.
The page safety for users contains relevant safety information which needs to be studied in order to complete the corresponding parts of the safety quiz.

Sample declaration

Any sample brought to MAX IV has to be declared through the DUO interface at the moment of submitting the proposal. The safety group has to check and validate all the samples.

Bringing Instrumentation

Users must have specified on the submitted proposal any equipment that they intended to bring to the experiment. The feasibility of it coming to MAX IV would have been assessed during the evaluation process. Users planning to bring their own sample environments are encouraged to discuss mounting/set-up arrangements with the Local Contact prior to arrival.

Sample shipment

If you want to send your samples or chemicals before you arrive to the facility you must contact the MAX IV chemical safety team beforehand, who will give you instructions on how to proceed. Users are responsible for ensuring that samples are transported to and from MAX IV safely. As a result, users will be responsible for repackaging their sample and taking it away at the end of their beamtime.

– Samples or any other item sent to MAX IV must be clearly labelled as follows:


user name, user telephone number


Attention: Chemical Safety Team, +46(0)705-259 234,
your local contact, beamline, proposal number, beamtime dates
MAX IV Laboratory, Fotongatan 8, 225 94 Lund, Sweden

– Samples or any other item sent from MAX IV should include the delivery company and payment details, e.g. your institute account number with the delivery company. Note that some companies use different account numbers for sending and receiving.

Access to peripheral facilities

If, in connection to you beamtime, you will require access to a specific laboratory or instrument, please contact your Local Contact well in advance to know which are the options available.

In the case of access to a chemical lab, and as stated in the safety training, any access to a chemical lab needs the attention of the MAX IV chemical safety team who must be always informed beforehand.

Cancelled beamtime

In the case that allocated beamtime does not become available to the user due to the malfunction of the MAX IV source or beamline, MAX IV cannot guarantee that such lost time will be re-allocated, however, actions will be considered to mitigate against the consequences of the lost beamtime. More details can be found in the terms and conditions.

If the beamtime is cancelled by the users we greatly appreciate that you inform, as soon as possible, your Local Contact or the beamline manager.

Arriving on site

Lund green bus number 20. Time table (in Swedish: Stadsbuss: Lund, linjenummer: 20, Sök tidtabell)

The Skånetrafiken city buses (green buses) operate with a cash-free system. This means that to use these buses a Jojo card (Skånetrafiken’s own customer card) is needed. The Jojo card can be bought at the central station. Alternatively, you can pay using a text message ticket if you have a Swedish mobile phone plan, or using a 24/72 hours ticket.

By taxi

Some Taxi companies are:
Taxi Lund: 046 12 12 12
Taxi Skåne: 046 330 330
In addition, Lund University has an agreement with Ringduve Taxi AB or RD Taxi: 020 300 300.
Ask for the price before you get into a taxi. Don’t go with any unregistered taxi-driver.

By bike

Cycle shelters, showers and changing facilities are available to visitors and staff.

By car

The Lund University car park at MAX IV have a pay and display ticket machine for guest parking. It is also possible to pay by SMS or through the Parkster app.
– There is a very limited number of parking places around the lab.
– It is forbidden to park in the disabled parking area unless you have a handicap parking permit.
– Charging locations for electric vehicles are available only for those types of vehicles.