While you are at MAX IV

Access card: MAX IV ID card

Once at MAX IV you will get your access card at the MAX IV reception, provided that you applied for it and provided that you have the safety test up to date. The safety test have a one year validity. The MAX IV ID card should be worn at all times at MAX IV. You need this card to enter on-site, to access the experimental area and to access other areas whether the use of the elevator or the stairs is necessary.


Important safety information relevant during your stay at MAX IV and in Lund is provided under the page safety for users. Safety information covers: General safety, Radiation safety, Biosafety and specific safety guidelines for each beamline. That is the information that you studied in order to complete the corresponding parts of the safety test. In those pages you will also find: General safety how to handle hazardous samples at MAX IV, which are the emergency procedures and first aiders´ locations, how to report an accident or when to use radiation dosimeter. Emergency phone number: 112

Your local contact

The Local Contact will

  • review together the safety procedures at the beamline.
  • prepare, or help you to prepare, the beamline with the setup specified in your proposal or previously agreed. Special requirements might be possible (or not): The earlier you inform us, the better.
  • guide you through the technical details needed for you in order to independently collect your data. This also includes providing you with the necessary beamline documentation such as beamline wiki, manuals, beamline e-log or beamline quality measurements, for example.

In case that further scientific support is needed, for example further advise for collecting data and/or assistance with the data processing/interpretation, then this should be communicated in advance in order to establish a collaborative framework.

You are welcome to contact your Local Contact before, during and after your experiment.

Policies, IT rules and guidelines, Terms and Conditions for Open Access

Eating at MAX IV

  • There are cashless vending machines with prepared meals, buns, snacks and soft drinks in the reception area beside the elevators, on the top floor in the office building beside the kitchen and in the kitchen area in D-building (1,5 GeV ring). You pay with VISA/Master card.
  • Coffee machines are in the reception area and in the coffee room on top floor in the office building as well as in the office corridor in the D-building and at FemtoMAX corridor.
  • Restaurant at a walking distance of about 10 minutes is Scotland Yard which is located in the SONY building premises: Mobilvägen 6, 221 88 Lund
  • You can order lunch from Moroten och Piskan online. Your lunch will be delivered in the office building dining hall (top floor) at 11.30 on the day you have chosen when ordering. Please observe that your order needs to be placed at the latest 09:00 the day you would like to eat.
  • Go to www.morotenopiskan.se to see the alternatives and then to the order form. Or call +46 709 622 554 to place your order. Order your lunch and use the password max4mat when checking out. You pay with credit card.

MAX IV bikes

There are a few bikes at MAX IV available for short temporal use. Ask at the reception for their availability and to borrow one.

Useful services in Lund

Visit Lund Stay, Eat, To do, Travel and more.
Don’t miss the lovely café in the Botanic Garden.

Weekly menus from a few restaurants in Lund. Page in Swedish courtesy of Pär Sjöholm.

Pharmacy Apoteket Getingen, Getingevägen 8. Bus 20 stop: Universitets Sjukhuset (The University Hospital).

ATM (automated teller machine or cash point) can be found at the University Hospital (Bus 20 stop: Univ-sjukhuset) or via this map.

When leaving MAX IV

Before you leave – A gently reminder to tidy up and collect all your belongings before you leave. This will be greatly appreciated by the new coming users and by the beamline staff.

Samples – Users should note that they are responsible for repackaging their sample and taking it away at the end of their beamtime.

Access card –Access card must be returned to MAX IV at the end of your beamtime. The postbox for that purpose is located at the reception.