Share and contribute after your experiment

A necessary stage of the “non-proprietary” access to MAX IV is to contribute with the outcome of your beamtime. This refers mainly to the publication of your results but also to the submission of the experiment report and visits feedback. All of the three different types of contributions should be provided through the DUO interface:

  • Visits/Feedbacks:
    The corresponding page allows you to provide feedback on your visit at MAX IV. It is more like a technical feedback rather than a scientific feedback. Every user who had been involved in any experimental session is kindly welcome to submit his/hers own feedback after each one of his/hers experimental sessions.
  • Experimental Reports:
    The experimental report on a proposal can only be entered by the main proposer or by one of the co-proposers. An experimental report template is available from the DUO interface. Any new upload associated to the same proposal will replace a report previously uploaded for the same proposal. It is convenient to upload the experimental report, with results from previous proposal, before a new proposal submission deadline. This applies if the experiments of the previous projects were completed more than two weeks before the new proposal submission deadline. The experimental reports will be of importance in the evaluation of the new submitted proposals.
  • Publications:
    We encourage users to register in DUO all new publications resulted from their beamtime at MAX IV.
  • Thesis:
    Similarly, we greatly appreciate the registration, through the DUO interface, of the thesis that required any use of MAX IV for their completion.