“Longterm” is a proposal type used for projects depending on guaranteed access to beamtime over a period longer than one cycle. MAX IV accepts proposals of type “Longterm” only for specific beamlines and in the framework of a specific program.


Submission deadlineProposal submissionResults available
(to main proposer)
Beamtime periodAvailable longterm programs
CET 23:59,
Tuesday 17 March 2020
DUO opens 20 February 2020before June 15FragMAX: September 2020 - August 2021FragMAX at BioMAX

Currently available longterm programs:

FragMAX – BioMAX Fragment Screening platform

  • Technical details on the FragMAX website.
  • FragMAX proposals shall be discussed with the beamline team before submission and can be rejected if this is not done. FragMAX proposals need to use the special template.
  • FragMAX projects are conducted in a collaboration between the users / proposers and the FragMAX team at MAX IV, details see proposal template, in accordance with . By submitting a proposal, proposers agree to the conditions for publications of results and ownership of IP (See template and MAX IV user policies).